During his address March 25, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced that he has instructed State Superintendent of Schools Clayton Burch to extend the ongoing closure of all schools statewide until April 20.

“I am very, very hopeful that our kids are going to be able to go back to school at some point in time, but we’re not there right now,” Justice said. “We need to give our families proper time to be able to make arrangements. April 20 is a Monday, a week after Easter, and it would take spring break into consideration. I’m very hopeful that on April 20, we can go back to school, but we’ll have to see, just like everything we’ve done.”

Justice also announced that he has asked West Virginia Tax Commissioner Dale Steager to extend the West Virginia income tax filing and payment deadline until Wednesday, July 15, 2020, to correspond with the federal government’s recent tax filing extension to the same date.

“We’ve been trying to fit these changes together and make it work,” Gov. Justice said. “​The main driver has to be, first and foremost, the convenience of our people. If you’re going to do one filing, we surely don't need to ask you to do two different filings.”

Justice additionally announced that he will be waiving all interest and penalties on property tax filings until Friday, May 1.

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