The Williamson City Council approved a request by its police chief to obtain a police dog for the Williamson Police Department.

“When I became chief, we started trying to get things that Williamson has never had before,” said Police Chief Grady Dotson. “Things that will make Williamson the leader instead of the follower.”

Dotson cited new tools and resources that have been added to the department since he became chief and several that have been updated as well such as body cameras, new tasers and vests. Also, the department recently purchased new pistols for each of the officers and was given the nod to update its shotguns and rifles.

“This will be Williamson’s first ever K-9 dog,” Dotson said. “There are so many benefits to having a police dog. It protects officers and so much more. Dogs are not biased and do not see race, color, male or female.

“Humans can only smell part of what a dog can smell,” he continued. “They can smell out drugs wherever they are hidden. It will be another tool we can use to deter drugs from being brought into Williamson.”

The dog Dotson is considering to purchase is a certified police dog named Max. Current plans are to pair Max with WPD Officer Treavor Layne. The cost of purchasing the dog, training and equipment are estimated to be around $10,000. He said the money will come from the police department’s equipment fund and from donations he has been able to obtain, thereby, the city will incur no expense.

In addition, Dotson said a local veterinarian has volunteered to provide her services at no charge if a dog becomes a member of the police department.

“Max will be trained by the absolute best in the state,” Doston said referring to Logan County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Mike Mayes.

Dotson added that while Max will be trained with Layne, the dog can be retrained to work with a new handler in the event Layne ever leaves the department.

“Treavor has the opportunity as a certified to go wherever he wants,” Dotson said. “I want to keep these young officers here in Williamson. These are our next generation of police officers and we need to offer them the tools to work with.”

Dotson’s request was approved with the support of the full council.

Following Dotson’s presentation, Williamson Parks and Recreation Director Jarrod Dean told the council about several upcoming events the park board is planning. Once of which will be a fundraiser for the both the fire and police departments which could help to pay for the new police dog.

That event is a “battle on the basketball courts with chief vs. chief, force vs. force,” Dean said. The departmental matchup will be held March 24 at the Williamson field house.

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