A week after a joint enforcement operation conducted at a Williamson nightclub resulted in 36 underage drinking citations being issued and the business’s private club license being suspended, authorities said operations this past weekend at two other local businesses resulted in more citations being issued.

Authorities said the Williamson operations are jointly conducted by the WV Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, the West Virginia State Police and the Williamson Police Department.

The first of the most recent operations took place late last Friday night into early Saturday morning at The Grill in West Williamson, where WVSP officers wrote one citation for underage consumption.

The second came a little later at The Keynote on E. 2nd Ave. after WPD

officers spotted an underage male on the street near the business, who allegedly appeared intoxicated and was attempting to gain entry to nearby closed businesses, officers said.

“My officers detained the male and he subsequently told them that there was a party going on at the Keynote and that there were other underage persons inside who were also drinking,” WPD Sgt. Jarrod Marcum said.

“The officers knew the ABCA was in the area so they got in touch and met them at the scene, at which time they went into the Keynote and conducted a compliance check there as well.”

Marcum said the operation at The Keynote resulted in four underage consumption citations being issued by the WPD, with the ages of those being cited ranging from 16 to 20 years old.

Gary “Gig” Robinson, a spokesman for WV ABCA, said the separate investigations into both weekend operations are ongoing and, at this point in the investigations, there have been no administrative actions taken against either establishment.

“The reports have to be completed by the local authorities and then sent to the ABCA and reviewed by the commissioner,” Robinson said Wednesday. “Once that is done, the commissioner will then make a determination as to what if any administrative actions are to be taken against these two businesses.”

Of the 36 citations issued during the operation conducted on Jan. 5 at The Borderline, authorities said 34 were issued to patrons under the age of 21 and two to consumers under the age of 18, which last week resulted in the WV ABCA’s suspension of the business’s private club license.

Robinson said the responsibility of the WV ABCA is to regulate authority over establishments selling alcohol and that when violations occur the commissioner considers the nature of the violations and then determines which administrative action is warranted.

He said administrative actions include issuing a warning, future monitoring of the establishment, placing restrictions on the business — such as limiting operating hours — fines, and suspension of license for varying amounts of time, dependent upon the severity of the infraction.

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