Routine traffic stop  results in drug bust

Evidence, including drugs and drug paraphernalia, are displayed by the Delbarton Police Department following a traffic stop during which officers said they seized the materials.

A routine traffic stop resulted in two men being arrested and arraigned on drug-related charges, police said.

According to the criminal complaints against them, on Sept. 22 and while on routine traffic patrol, Delbarton Police Department Officer John Hall Jr. said he noticed the taillights of a black Neon being driven by Terry Andrew Baisden, 33, of Delbarton, as being defective.

Hall said he made a traffic stop near the parking lot of Regional Church of God, at which time Baisden stated the car belonged to someone else after being asked for his driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

Hall said it was at this time that Baisden attempted to push a Crown Royal bag under the seat. After removing Baisden from the car and securing the bag, Hall returned to the vehicle and saw Baisden’s passenger, Jonathon W. Smith, 36, of Williamson, drop a black leather wallet to the ground on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Hall said the wallet contained a plastic bag containing “a large amount of crystal methamphetamine and 13 empty plastic bags ready for packaging and a $5 bill.”

He said a search of the bag revealed a set of scales, a sock containing a glass crack pipe, a torch and small bags containing “a crystal substance inside.”

Baisden and Smith were arraigned by Magistrate Donald Sansom and charged with possession of a schedule II controlled substance. Baisden was additionally charged with DUS (misc.) and defective equipment.

Assisting Hall with the arrests were MCSD Deputies C. Endicott, E. Williams and D. Nunley, as well as Officer J. McCowen with the WV Dept. of Transportation.

In another case, police said a Donald Bradley Marcum, 37, of Kermit, was arrested and arraigned last week on charges he threw a number of items at an officer’s cruiser, who at the time was in pursuit of William “Billy Bob” Spurlock.

Police said MCSD Chief Deputy Joe Smith was pursuing the fleeing Spurlock when Spurlock instructed Marcum to begin tossing items like a wheel and tire, truck batteries, and a motorcycle seat at Smith’s cruiser in an attempt to get him to end the pursuit.

Marcum was arraigned by Sansom and charged with conspiracy and attempting to commit an offense, but failing to commit or prevented from committing.

As of press time, Spurlock had not been arrested and charged for his participation in the incident.

Also arraigned were:

Sonya Mullins Lester, 26, of Belfry, Kentucky, forgery (five counts) and uttering (five counts).

Joseph Isaac Dylan, 38, of Kermit, computer fraud and obtaining money, property, and services by false pretenses.

Jonda Marie Whitt, 27, of Newtown, destruction of property.

Jessie F. Smith, 43, of Matewan, assault and battery (two counts).

Andrea Nicole Thacker, 34, of North Matewan, DUI (with minor passenger), improper registration, no registration, no insurance, DUS (misc.) and simple possession.

Vicki D. Jones, 42, of Crum, obstructing (two counts).

Gregory Miller, 52, of Williamson, petit larceny, receiving/transferring stolen property, and obtaining money, property and services by false pretenses.

Sharon Marcum Lowe, 50, of Breeden, falsely reporting an emergency incident (eight counts).

Dalton Caudill, 20, of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, failure to stop, DUI, underage consumption, and no insurance.

David Zachary Fields, 63, of Kermit, domestic assault (two counts), domestic battery, fleeing (on foot), and obstructing an officer.

Terry Lee Vance, 23, no seatbelt, no operator’s license, DUS (DUI, third offense), DUS (misc.), and no insurance.

Amanda Sue Lester, 42, of Delbarton, DUI, joyriding and no operator’s license.

Nathaniel Tyler Carlin, 27, of Williamson, domestic assault and obstructing.

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