A Tug Valley High School student was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly made multiple threats of intimidation against other TVHS students, police said.

According to the criminal complaint filed Nov. 7, Kenneth Wood, 18, was arrested and charged with threatening to commit a terroristic act involving a number of other students.

Police said Wood threatened the other students by telling them that he had placed their names in a “kill list” file on his computer.

Following an investigation by MCSD Deputy and TVHS Resource Officer Arthur Farra, it was determined that Wood had compiled two lists on his computer — one referencing 26 names of “people to be spared and 24 names that were under a kill list.”

“It was just fortunate that Resource Officer Farra was there and on top of this before it had the chance to develop into something worse,” said MCSD Chief Field Deputy Joe Smith.

Wood was arraigned by Mingo County Circuit Court Judge Miki Thompson.

Following his arraignment he was lodged at the Southwestern Regional Jail, where he continues to be held on a $50,000 cash bond.

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