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Two members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart presented the Delbarton Town Council with a plaque designating the municipality as a “Purple Heart Town” Monday night. Along with the plaque, they gave the council a sign to reserve a parking space downtown for a Purple Heart recipient.

The Delbarton Town Council accepted the immediate resignation of its town recorder for personal reasons during its meeting Monday night. The council also continued its ongoing discussion for a town attorney.

Charles Baisden and Joey Varney, of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, made a presentation to the town.

Town Recorder Rebecca “Becky” Fouch did not attend this week’s meeting but sent her resignation privately to Delbarton Mayor Elmer Ray Spence earlier on Monday.

“This decision does not come easy, but I have family matters that I need to put more time and attention to,” Spence read from Fouch’s resignation. “I appreciate everyone and hope that everyone learn to work together as a whole.”

Councilmen Albert Totten and Glen Dale Canada made and seconded the motion, respectively, to formally accept her resignation. The motion passed 5-0.

Fouch served has served as recorder for a number of years and was most recently reelected to her post during the 2019 Delbarton Municipal Election. That term began in July 2019. There is currently three years and five months left in her term.

The council will follow the same method of selecting her replacement as was used for replacing former Councilman Mark Sizemore, according to Spence. Sizemore resigned last July on the same day the town’s organizational meeting and swearing-in ceremony was scheduled. The council will seek applicants for the position and chose a replacement from among those interested. This method of selecting a replacement for the vacant office was recommended and approved by the Elections Division of the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office.

The town recorder is the official minute keeper for all council meeting; however, there are many more functions of the position including casting tie-breaking votes and bank reconciliations among other duties. Anyone who would like to be considered for the position of town recorder or anyone who would like to learn more about the position should contact Spence, any of the five council members or the Delbarton Town Hall.

The council members also turned their attention once again to the need for a town attorney to advise them on matters that come before the council. The mayor and several members of the council have talked to various attorneys but a candidate has not emerged from those efforts. It was decided Monday, to seek proposals for the position from both individual attorneys and law firms that are interested in working with the town of Delbarton.

Joey Varney and Charles Baisden attended this week’s meeting representing the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The group has been active in getting cities, counties and colleges throughout West Virginia to become official Purple Heart communities and organizations. 

During the past administration, the town approved becoming a Purple Heart Town, however, the necessary follow up had not been carried through. Monday night Varney and Baisden presented the council with a plague with the town’s designation and with a sign that reserves a parking space in the downtown area for Purple Heart Recipients. 

Spence read a resolution, which was unanimously approved by the council, to formalize the partnership between the town and the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

“Our goal was to have West Virginia be the first state to have every town, every city and every county to be Purple Heart communities, but South Carolina beat us,” Varney said. “But, we are still trying to make West Virginia a Purple Heart state. 

In other business, the council discussed the town’s financial health and personnel matters.

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