The Delbarton Town Council held a second reading on proposed changes to its environmental nuisance ordinance during its meeting Monday evening.

The ordinance was adopted during the previous administration of the Delbarton Council and several residents were given notices pursuant to violations of the ordinance. Those residents complied with requirements to avoid further problems.

However, newly-elected Mayor Elmer Ray Spence said the ordinance “needed more teeth in it.” At his recommendations, language from the state code was added to the document and is currently going through the approval process. A third and final reading will be held at the next council meeting on Monday, Dec. 9. Time will be allotted for public discussion on the matter. Afterwards, the council will vote on the adoption of the ordinance.

The most significant change in the ordinance is that of pet noises, smells and the keeping of a “significant number” of pets.

One section reads:

“No person shall own or operate within 300 feet of a business or residential dwelling a kennel or rescue shelter where animals are bred, kept or boarded within the city limits without express consent and approval from the town council.

Penalties remain the same for offenders under the proposed changes. Those who are suspected of violating the ordinance will be given a citation to appear in municipal court and will be given 30 days to correct any issues. If corrections have not been made during that period, a $50 per day fine will be levied. Also, the town will have the right to have properties in question cleaned with the expenses being billed to the violator. Also, the town will have the right to place liens on properties for which the responiblie party does not become compliant, according to the ordnance.

In other actions, the council discussed:

• Training opportunities for town employees;

• Upcoming activities for the Christmas season;

• Expansion efforts by the Housing Authority of Mingo County creating a homeless shelter in the Delbarton Inn;

• The purchase of signage for town hall.

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