The agenda for the Delbarton Town Council was relatively short March 9, with only three or four items on the agenda. However, the council did appoint a new town recorder to fill the vacancy created following the resignation of its former recorder.

Town Recorder Rebecca Fouch, who was reelected to that post in June 2019, resigned citing personal reasons and new family responsibilities for her departure from the council in February. The council began seeking names of individuals interested in the position, however, it had received no response.

On Monday evening, Councilwoman Rachel Chambers-Bowen said she had received a resume from Medina Mahon. Chambers-Bowen then proceeded to make a motion to appoint Mahon to the position.

“The position of recorder is an elected position and is not like hiring someone for a job,” said Mayor Elmer Ray Spence. “Her asking to be to be appointed to the position is same as someone putting their name on the ballot.”

Mahon is Spence’s live-in partner.

Following a lengthy pause, Councilman Robert Hunt seconded the motion. The motion passed on a 3-0 vote with Chambers-Bowen, Hunt and Councilman Albert Totten in favor of the motion. Councilmen Glen Dale Canada and Ralph Maynard were not at the meeting.

“We need a town recorder and no one else is interested,” Totten said. “My only concern is that you both live in the same household and will be signing town checks.”

Spence said he had already considered that as a possible conflict of interest.

“I will not co-sign any check with her name on it as a co-signatory,” he continued.

Following the vote, Mahon was sworn into office by Chambers-Bowen.

Spence submitted a proposed budget to the council for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget must be approved by the council and submitted to the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office by March 28.

“This budget is relatively close to the current budget,” Spence told the council.

Totten made a motion, which was passed, to table the budget approval until the next meeting to allow Canada and Maynard time to review it as well.

“The next council meeting is on March 23,” Spence said. “That will still allow ample time to submit it if any changes are needed.”

Totten updated the council on plans for the 25th Annual Delbarton Homecoming which will be held in September. He said that the Planning Committee and the Reunion Sub-committee had held several meetings, the Kiwanis Club has agreed to stock the creek In front of the park for the fishing tournament, arrangements for a car show is underway and a petting zoo has been scheduled.

“Plans for Homecoming are coming along pretty good,” Totten said.

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