Clearly making His judgments powerfully and in no uncertain terms, while condemning the Pharisees and teachers of the Law for their discriminatory, self-interested and very much hypocritical views of God’s direction for all peoples, Jesus said, “Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.”

Of course, even while speaking hyperbolically He was pointing out how super easy it was for them to underscore and live by the really unimportant things while at the same time completely brushing aside larger matters that actually should be big and important to them.

If you’ve been paying attention, and I’m sure you have, there seems to be a great deal of digestive confusion going on in modern-day America as well. And seemingly, the ones having the most difficulty with their dining pleasures are those extreme leftists who think they know better than anyone else what’s moral and what’s immoral, what’s right for the country and what’s wrong, heck, what’s up and what’s down, what’s black and what’s white.

For example, these extreme leftists (let’s call them, say…“ANTIFA”) will take to the streets and label others who are somewhat more conservative-minded than them as white supremists or Uncle Toms and forthwith beat the living daylights out of their fellow citizens if these dare to hold a public gathering and peacefully and Constitutionally express an opinion that differs from theirs.

Yet, these same extreme leftists have no problem whatsoever with people who are not fellow citizens illegally crossing our borders every second of every day. People who, after getting here, brazenly holding their own public gatherings to burn the flag and chant “Death to America,” all the while reaping the social benefits to which these same leftists believe these non-citizens are constitutionally entitled.

And then there’s this digestive enigma to consider. Just recently leftist California cities like Santa Barbara enacted a complete ban on plastic straws. Keep in mind the residents there can be fined and even serve stiff jail sentences if they’re caught breaking the ordinance.

Apparently wanting to get this thinly veiled do-gooder deed up on its co-leftists, Starbucks followed suit by announcing it would eliminate plastic straws from ALL its stores.

You might ask, and for very good reason, why cities like Santa Barbara and Starbucks took these steps. Well, apparently it all began with a sea turtle getting a plastic straw stuck in its nose and from there it spread over social media like the proverbial prairie fire.

Starbucks itself decided the best way to combat the problem of the world’s oceans being congested with so much plastic was to replace their old lids and their accompanying straws with a sippy cup-type lid. But guess what? The new lid is actually made up of more plastic than the old lid and straw combined!

Here’s where the gnat and camel unquestionably come into play on this one. According to statistics compiled by Reason Magazine, plastic straws account for just 0.02 percent of all the plastic being dumped and, consequently, polluting the world’s oceans and killing and/or maiming ocean life.

Meanwhile all the plastic milk jugs, the plastic soda bottles, the plastic everything else—accounting for 99.98 percent of ocean pollution—somehow don’t create the same kind of environmental apocalypse that plastic straws seem to be proliferating all by themselves.

And considering that the United States contributes the tiniest fraction of that remaining 99.98 percent of plastic pollution due to having one of the top waste management systems on the planet, meaning the vast majority of responsibility lies at the doorsteps of developing nations, the infinitesimal 0.02 percent created by straws looks even less like the boogie man that leftwing activists would have you to believe it is.

And yet the real “food item” here that should be as easy to swallow as cotton candy—such the aforementioned plastic milk jugs, plastic soda bottles, and the plastic everything else, including the incalculable number of plastic hypodermic needles lying all over the streets of American cities—keep getting stuck at the back of their throats as if it had been Super Glued there.

Hypodermic needles, by the way, that are given out to the drug users like the aforementioned cotton candy, with little or no mandates in place to insure that they’re being disposed of properly, by the cities themselves.

Yet inexplicably, these same phonies can easily manage to make a planet-ending issue out of something as insignificant as a plastic straw caught in the nose of a sea turtle while completely disregarding a potential plague befalling humans due to receiving simple pricks from all the needles lying around.

I’m not suggesting that plastic straws are not posing a dire situation for aquatic life because they obviously are. But to simply focus on them and not all the other, far more responsible pollution sources and health threats does little more than further demonstrate the left’s discriminatory, self-interested, and hypocritical views and their never-ending propensity to practice them.

If that’s not the epitome of choking on a teeny weeny bug and wholly ingesting an impossibly large desert animal, then include me in that group of people who haven’t even a clue as to what the difference between their hind side and a hole in the ground actually is.

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