Mingo Central: Conventionally, unconventional

Mingo Central unveiled its new helmet for the 2019 season. Wes Wilson designed the helmets.

Wes Wilson is a man who prides himself on being unconventional and unique. Wilson had helped teams throughout the years with helmet, uniform and locker room designs. Most notable is the Mingo Central Miners for whom Wilson has done some extraordinary things.

Wilson and the Miners have been conventionally unconventional over the better part of a decade. Wilson and the Miners have brought fourth a new helmet design each year for the past nine football seasons.

Along with that the team is the first to use carbon fiber in their helmets. And have transformed the warning label on the back of the helmets, combining it with the state sticker.

Mingo Central will also be participating in the Pike County Bowl for the first time-ever and are honoring that with a Pike County Bowl sticker on the back of each players helmet. It will be located under an American flag sticker. The helmet design is sleek, crisp, and very clean to the eye. The helmet was inspired by some colligate helmet designs.

To get all the details about the helmet tune into the bank on it podcast to see the full exclusive interview with Wes Wilson. Wilson will also be joining the Podcast to talk more on this. So make sure you follow us on YouTube and Twitter so you can get your fix for all things sports in the mountains.

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