Coming off a season where the team was knocked out of the first round of the 60th District tournament, the Phelps Lady Hornets look to show everyone that they have improved greatly and look to earn the respect in the district.

“We are very talented this year and have a lot versatile girls that can play multiple positions for us this year,” head coach Donna Fields said.

This offseason has brought about some events that have helped the team take leaps that the team had struggled to make in previous seasons.

One was the summer game they played against Pikeville and the camp they attended at Morehead State University.

“They gained the desire to win, they see they can play on that level and it lets them know they can play with anybody,” assistant coach Robert Lester said.

The 60th is as talented as it gets. When it comes to fundamentals and competitive spirit, these are qualities that the district does not lack.

“We are just as talented as Pike Central and Belfry,” Fields said. “We just have to keep our intensity and confidence because some of our girls don’t realize just how talented they are, but some have no problem with the amount of confidence they have in themselves.”

“We know we have the ability to put up wins and I think our team is better from last year because we play for each other and not our egos,” Phelps’ Alyssa Wolford said.

This statement isn’t a knock on past teams it’s a declaration that this team has grown into a mature and stable unit that is willing to sacrifice for the sake of a teammate.

Senior Kara Stevens believes that even though the team has lost some important pieces they have what they need to fill those empty slots.

“We have girls on this team that can fill the roles that need filled, a lot of what we lost was net protection, but we definitely have some young girls that are capable of giving us everything we need,” Stevens said.

The confidence each girl shows in one another is going to be a trademark with this squad going forward.

The Lady Hornets fully expect to put a team on the floor that Hornet fans will truly admire and marvel throughout the season.

The team is capable of achieving great heights in the players and coaches eyes. When August comes the question will be, “Why not us?”

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