Gov. Jim Justice announced that the first positive test result for the novel coronavirus was identified among inmates in the West Virginia correctional system.

He said one inmate and one part-time correctional officer at the Huttonsville Correctional Facility in Randolph County have had positive results. According to information he has, the two cases are not connected.

“We will begin testing other inmates in the block where the inmate is housed and all of the staff,” Justice said. “If we find more positive cases we will expand testing to the entire facility.

“We will run to the fire and put it out,” he continued. “And, put it out as soon as possible.”

Justice also announced the 68th death has occurred in the state. He added that all statistics of positive results continue to trend downward with a daily positive rate of 1.2 percent and an overall cumulative rate of 1.93 percent.

He said a shipment of a drug that has been approved for emergency use for seriously ill COVID-19 patients has arrived in West Virginia. State Health Officer Dr. Cathy Slemp said the drug has been distributed to hospitals across the state. Guidelines and protocols have been put into place for the drug’s usage. The drug has not been approved by the FDA for mild or moderates cases of COVID-19.

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