The town of Gilbert is getting a facelift thanks to two employees. During the town’s council meeting Monday night, the mayor unveiled a new website site and the police chief sought to update several police policies.

According to Mayor Jennifer Miller, the town has hired Megan Taylor who is a recent graphics design graduate from Marshall University. As part of her job at the town, she has designed a new website for the town which includes exhaustive listings for local attractions, eateries, lodging, services and retail.

The website contains links for the Guyandotte River Trail, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, National TraifFest, lodging reservation sites and menus for local restaurants. Taylor also designed a six-page printable local fishing guide for the Guyandotte River and the R.D. Bailey Lake within the website as well.

Miller said Taylor also plans to paint a town mural on the wall of a local building. The town’s CVB is partnering with the town on this project and has agreed to purchase the paint.

“A few months ago, she came into my office to offer to volunteer to paint a town mural,” Miller said. “I had no idea what tremendous potential lay ahead. Megan is a creative innovative designer and is creating professional level websites that are so well organized.”

“The website is beautiful and interactive,” Miller said. “Megan is so talented and we are getting quality work that we would not have been able to have otherwise.”

Police Chief Nathan Glanden also asked the council to update several ordinances and codes in an effort to reconcile the local statutes to conform to the state uniform code system. The changes also included ATV regulations in conjunction with the Hatfield-McCoy Trails conduct requirements.

Among the items approved by the council included policies regarding the use of choke holds, vehicle impoundments, uniform controlled substance guidelines, ATV quiet hours and requirements for front and rear lighting on ATVs among others.

“It is important to update and amend ordinances as the laws change and as our town evolves so the police can best serve our community,” Miller told the Mingo Messenger.

Glanden also sought direction from the council about other changes and will submit them for approval at a later meeting.

In other business, the council:

• Agreed to close Veterans Park for the rest of the season because certain details with the lease are still under negotiation;

• Officially hired John Trampas Browning as a full-time police officer;

• Decided to participate in the Project Mountaineer — Open Government program through the West Virginia Auditor’s Office which will provide the town with new accounting software, streamline procedures and reduce the cost of future audits; and

• Discussed Ssigns pertaining to helmet requirements.

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