The Mingo County Solid Waste Board once again failed to send a representative to the Mingo County Commission during its meeting Tuesday. This was the fourth time the board was requested to present an update.

Commission President Thomas Taylor has been vocal about what he perceives as a lackluster performance by the board during his tenure on the county commission.

“At this point, we have more bodies in chairs than anything else. Most people in Mingo County don’t even know we have a Solid Waste Board,” Taylor said. “I’ve asked four times for them to come to a meeting and give us an update.”

Commissioner Diann Hannah told Taylor that, instead of having the board come to them, the commission may have to go to the Solid Waste Board.

“You may have to send a representative of the commission to a Solid Waste Board meeting,” she said. “That is how you are going to get your update.”

When he asked about Solid Waste Board meeting schedules, Taylor was informed it meets quarterly.

“If they meet only four times a year that explains why they are so ineffective,” Taylor said. “I feel like we have a real problem here. I want a more active Solid Waste program.”

Commission Gavin Smith agreed and said that litter and trash issues are a “stigma” to the area that “hurts our tourism business.”

Taylor told Commission Liaison Tina Lockard and Commission Administrative Assistant Tina Abbot to find out when the next board meeting will be conducted and to ask for copies of their minutes for the past four meetings. Lockard informed him the commission has requested the minutes previously.

“And still we haven’t gotten them,” Talyor said.

In other business the commission:

• Conducted an hour-long executive session regarding personnel for the proposed deferment program;

• Approved the hiring of an attorney to represent the commission as a claimant during a bankruptcy hearing;

• Adopted a resolution allowing the county assessor’s office to oppose a revised legislation ruling concerning oil and gas taxes; and

• Confirmed the request by the West Virginia State Disaster Team to allow Mingo County Flood Plain Coordinator Amanda Starr to become one of that team’s eight members statewide.