There is still one month left before the new governmental administration in the Town of Delbarton celebrates its first anniversary. However, last week, a third member of the council submitted his resignation.

Councilman Glen Dale Canada presented his resignation in the form of a letter which he gave to Councilman Mark Maynard last week to distribute to the mayor, the remainder of the council and to the Mingo Messenger. The letter dated his resignation effective retroactively as of Monday, May 18, — the date of the last Delbarton Town Council meeting, which he attended.

Canada is the second councilman to resign since the election. The first was Mark Sizemore, who tendered his resignation to then-Mayor-Elect Elmer Ray Spence the day of the council’s swearing-in ceremony on July 1, 2019. In February, Town Recorder Becky Fouch resigned because of family reasons.

Canada, who received the second highest number of votes during Delbarton Municipal Election held in June 2019, gave several reasons for his decision.

First on the list was because of “excessive hiring of family members. I do not feel that is fair or appropriate.” Chief of Police Earl Spence, who has held the post for several years under both the previous and the current administrations, is the mayor’s brother. Town Recorder Medina Mahon is Mayor Spence’s live-in partner. She was named recorder after the council could not find anyone else interested in position.

“The town is not moving forward with its assets,” Canada said in the letter. “The town has invested money into our campground and voted countless times to open the campground spots that are available and ready to rent to take in revenue for the town.”

He also cited the lack of a town attorney to advise the council on legal matters and said agenda items are frequently postponed.

“We have multiple things on our agendas that get put off until the next meeting resulting in no progress,” Canada wrote. “I feel it is not fair to me or the people of Delbarton who voted for me. Whoever is chosen to fill my seat may be able to get something done. I feel I cannot.”

Spence said it is sad any time a member of the town council decides to step down.

The resignation will be discussed at the next Delbarton Town Council meeting, which is slated at 6 p.m., Monday, June 8.

The method to replace Canada on the council will follow the same process that was used following Sizemore’s and Fouch’s departures. According to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Division of Elections, anyone wishing to fulfill the unexpired term should submit their names to any member of the council. Those names and any names submitted by members of the council themselves will be considered. The replacement will be selected by a vote of the four remaining council members. If the vote results in a tie, the deciding vote will be cast by the recorder.

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