An argument between two Williamson women in the early evening hours of Thursday, Oct. 8, resulted in gunplay and one of the women sustaining wounds to the abdomen.

Records from the Mingo County Magistrate Court show that Amy Thorn was arrested on charges of malicious wounding by Williamson Police Department Sgt. Jarrod L. Marcum and Mingo County Sheriff Cpl. Chris Endicott. She was arraigned before Magistrate Dave Justice. She was released on a $5,000/10 percent bond.

“Two females (Thorn and Jonda Whitt) became involved in a verbal altercation around 5 p.m. yesterday which escalated and one of the females was shot with a gun,” said Williamson Police Chief Grady Dotson.

According to Dotson, Thorn allegedly said she had become fearful for her safety and had told Whitt she had a gun.

“She went to the car and got the gun out of the car,” Dotson said. “The victim was taken to ARH (Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center, South Williamson, Ky.) and was then air-lifted to the Pikeville (Ky.) Medical Center.”

Dotson said Whitt underwent abdominal surgery and is listed in stable condition.

The chief added that the gun used by Thorn was legally registered and that she did have a permit to carry the weapon.

Thorn has garnered national publicity over the recent months. She is a registered nurse who travelled to New York City during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to offer medical assistance. Those humanitarian efforts led to Thorn, know as Amy Ford at that time,  becoming considered a local hero. She was featured by a variety of local and state news agencies including the Mingo Messenger.

Thorn was later honored by President Donald Trump at a White House ceremony for those same efforts. She was also given the opportunity earlier this summer to speak briefly during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.

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