During the Mingo County Airport Authority’s regular meeting last Thursday, the Board awarded contracts for a few small construction jobs at the Southern West Virginia Regional Airport that have been in the planning stage for a number of months now.

Among the projects to begin immediately is the removal of an overgrowth of autumn olive trees intertwining as well as growing alongside both sides of the fencing in areas around the airport.

Following a required bidding process that MCAA Administrative Assistant and Mingo County Grant Coordinator Leigh Ann Ray said was repeated several times and on which only two contractors submitted formal bids—West Brothers Contracting and Jayden Enterprises—the MCAA awarded this contract to the lowest bidder, Jaden Enterprises, for $8,500.

A second contract was awarded for the construction of a 10 ft. by 45 ft. porch with a slanted roof for the airport’s recently acquired office trailer, which is being used as a temporary airport terminal building.

In addition to the construction of handrails, steps, and a handicap accessible ramp, the project also includes the underpinning of the office trailer.

The contract for this project, which includes both building materials and labor, was awarded to Jay Lester Builders for $12,133, who was the only contractor to submit a formal bid.

Mingo County Commissioner and MCAA Board member Thomas Taylor asked Lester, who attended Thursday’s meeting, if the decking for the porch would be built with standard treated lumber or with the newest composite decking boards, and what would be the difference in cost.

Lester said he didn’t figure the composite decking into his original bid because it is typically more expensive and therefore he didn’t get pricing for it.

But because of the recent price increases on all wood products, he said it was possible the composite could be purchased at a comparable price and that he would get cost figures if the MCAA preferred it over the standard treated wood decking.

While the Board ultimately settled on the wood decking, they gave Lester the option to use composite decking should there be no difference in price.

A separate contract in the amount of $11,200 was also awarded to Jay Lester Builders for the placement of a 30 ft. by 50ft. by 6 in. concrete pad, which will serve as the base and flooring for a metal building (to be purchased at a future date) that eventually will house the airport’s ground equipment.

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