Mingo County health officials said a total of 619 COVID-19 tests have been performed during the last two months.

As of press time, 614 of these tests had been confirmed negative, three had been confirmed positive resulting in one death, and two tests are still pending.

The vast majority of Mingo County cases having been negative added to the fact that there are currently no active cases of the disease is a bright spot, according to Mingo County Health Department Administrator Keith Blankenship.

Blankenship said two of the three positive cases have now been declared recovered, with one of those having received the news as recently as this week.

He said both individuals have since been permitted "to go back into the community and to their normal lives."

"All of these two individuals' contacts have also been closely monitored over the last few weeks and have likewise been cleared," he said.

Blankenship said the county's last positive case was confirmed on May 6 and that this individual was officially cleared on Wednesday, May 20.

"Right now the county is 100 percent resolved of current coronavirus cases, and we just hope and pray we remain that way going forward," he said.

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