The 2020 general election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3. This year’s ballot contains a variety of races from president of the United States to county offices.

The races, parties, candidates and addresses are as follows:

President/Vice President of the United States

Republican — Donald J. Trump (incumbent), Palm Beach, Fla.;

Michael R. Spence, Indianapolis, Ind.;

Democrat — Joseph R. Biden, Wilmington, Del.;

Kamala D. Harris, Los Angeles;

Libertarian — Jo Jorgensen, Greenville, S.C.;

Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, Little River, S.C.;

Mountain — Howie Hawkins, Syracuse, N.Y.; and

Angela Walker, Florence, S.C.

United States Senator — West Virginia

Republican — Shelley Moore Capito (incumbent), Charleston;

Democrat — Paula Jean Swearengin, Sohpia; and

Libertarian — David Moran, Eglon.

U.S. House of Representatives — West Virginia (3rd Congressional District)

Republican — Carol Miller (incumbent), Huntington; and t

Democrat — Hilary Turner, Huntington.


Republican — Jim Justice (incumbent), Lewisburg;

Democrat — Ben Salango, Charleston; and

Libertarian — Daniel P. “Danny” Lutz Jr., Charles Town.

Secretary of State

Republican — Mac Warner (incumbent), Charleston; and

Democrat — Natalie Tennant, Charleston.


Republican — John “JB” McCuskey (incumbent), Charleston; and

Democrat — Mary Ann Roebuck Claytor, St. Albans.


Republican — Riley Moore, Harpers Ferry; and

Democrat — John D. Purdue (incumbent), Cross Lanes.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Republican — Kent Leonhardt (incumbent), Fairview; and

Democrat — Bob Beach, Morgantown.

Attorney General

Republican — Patrick Morrisey (incumbent), Harpers Ferry; and

Democrat — Sam Brown Petsonk, Edmond.

State Senator (6th District)

Republican — Chandler Swope (incumbent, unopposed), Bluefield.

State Senator (7th District)

Republican — Rupie Phillips (incumbent), Lorado; and

Democrat — Ralph Rodighiero, Logan.

House of Delegates (20th District)

Republican — Matthew W. Deskins, Breeden, and

Democrat — Nathan D. Brown (incumbent), Lenore.

House of Delegates (21st District)

Republican — Mark Dean (incumbent), Verner; and

Democrat — Phyllis White, Gilbert.

County Commissioner

Republican — Gavin Smith, Gilbert; and

Democrat — Greg “Hootie” Smith (incumbent), Williamson.

County Clerk

Republican — Russell Deskins, Lenore; and

Democrat — Larry “Yogi” Croaff, Edgarton.

Prosecuting Attorney

Republican — Brock Mounts, Hanover; and

Democrat — Jonathan “Duke” Jewel (incumbent), Williamson.


Republican — Sammons Ernest, Gilbert; and

Democrat — Joe Smith, Naugatuck.


Democrat — Ramona Mahon (incumbent, unopposed), Delbarton.


Democrat — Jimmy Lee Webb (incumbent, unopposed), Chattaroy.

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