Economic recovery is at the forefront of every governmental body and agency across West Virginia. That same burden prevails in Mingo County each day. Finding the right combination of economic diversity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and investment is a constant and on-going challenge.

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It seems as if lately I’ve been strolling down memory lane far more than usual. But the plain truth is events are happening so rapidly nowadays that a few of them have invariably triggered some kind of remembrance stored away in my brain.

This weekend we celebrate Easter. It is the most joyous holiday on the Christian calendar. It is the day that marks the resurrection of the crucified Christ. Throughout Mingo County churches and community organizations will conduct a myriad of celebrations.

To say the last two weeks in the legislature have been active would be an understatement. We are now at the point in the session where we are having multiple committee meetings each day, and often have two floor sessions each day.

Across Mingo County, residents are rising to meet challenges head on in our community. Stepping up to take care of issues caused by forces outside you for the sole purpose of making the world just a little bit better is heroism in itself.