Have you ever heard the word “boondoggle?” If you have but really didn’t know what it meant after hearing it, you’re not alone.

It would seem there are many in this country — including bureaucrats and autocrats (pick your poison) sitting at the top making all the policies that you and I must live by each and every day— who really don’t have a good grasp on its meaning either.

In case you’d like to know, boondoggle is defined as “work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value … a waste of money or time on unnecessary or questionable projects.”

Some synonyms for boondoggle include: betrayal, deceit, disinformation, duplicity, falsehood, fraud, hypocrisy, lying, treachery, trickery, untruth, beguilement, blarney, among others.

Again, pick your poison.

Considering current events, I daresay there’s hardly a person in this country who couldn’t think up a plethora of wasteful or pointless works or activities now being undertaken by wasteful and pointless people.

Just everyday Americans like you and I who, I’m certain, would not struggle even a little to offer his/her laundry list of falsehoods, frauds, and plain old blarney, and do so in quick order.

I know I could. In fact, as we speak it really wouldn’t be all that difficult for me to just start rattling off the several that are always festering and readily available at the forefront of my brain.

But I really don’t want to do that, mainly because if I did get into that patch of weeds I’m afraid my list would be so long that it’s likely you would have to travel to Charleston to find the end of it.

So I’ll stay out of the weeds for now and instead use my allotted space for one particular boondoggle that’s anything on this earth but near and dear to my heart.

That would be this so-called “New Green Deal” and the idea that we can somehow have an abundance of energy and a cleaner, safer and more inhabitable planet at the same time. Not only that, but have it now, this very minute.

Moreover, that we can have this cleaner, safer and more inhabitable planet in the here and now — in the total absence of the technology needed to make it workable— without the help of kind-hearted little elves coming in overnight and simply making it a reality while we’re all asleep.

If you’ve been paying attention (and I know you have), at the heart of this New Green Deal is for the world to switch from fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives like wind and solar (and apparently fairy dust) to supply all its energy needs.

Of course that would be for everyone except behemoth industrial countries like China that burn more coal and oil in a day than most other countries do in a month.

Countries like China that, for some reason outspoken New Green Dealers like Al Gore and teenage “un-sensation” Greta Thunberg can’t and/or won’t explain, is not considered a planet killer like bad ole America and therefore should get an exemption.

But simply saying the New Green Deal is a boondoggle, in itself, would not project that mind’s eye picture you’d expect to find alongside the word when looking it up in a proverbial dictionary; that is, if such a juxtaposition were actually afforded to you and me when looking up a word.

Of course there’s no such juxtaposition. But if there was, in this case it would have to be this one photo I recently saw floating around on social media outlets that would, without a doubt, all by itself define just how much of a boondoggle the whole concept of the New Green Deal generally is at this stage of its development.

Some of you may have seen the photo as well. It shows a group of coal miners pushing an EV (electric vehicle) up a sloping road toward what appears to be the tipple/load-out area of the mining operation and, no doubt, toward the nearest electrical outlet.

It seems this EV belonged to a couple of tourists who had gotten lost out in the middle of nowhere (at least it was the middle of nowhere for them) when the charge on their car’s battery, along with their luck, inevitably ran out.

While its true this same situation of being stranded could have occurred if they had been in a car fueled by gasoline, the worst case scenario is our two tourists would have been forced to get out and walk until they found someone willing to give them enough gas to get them to the nearest pump.

Last time I checked, and I check pretty often, you still couldn’t borrow a bucket of electricity to get you to the nearest charging station.

That’s why I personally decided the photo of this car being assisted by a group of miners would be a perfect side-by-side fit for the word boondoggle. I’m also of the mind it would be equally fitting alongside the word “irony.”

Whichever your preference, boondoggle or irony, if nothing else this illustrative coinciding photo would clearly demonstrate we’re being beguiled, deceived and misinformed about something that, for the foreseeable future at least, is obviously just as unnecessary, pointless and a waste of money.

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