“Do as I say, Not as I do.”

Of course this ironic adage is inexorably attributed to self-important people telling everyone else what to do and how to do it while at the same time incongruently not applying their dictate to themselves.

We all know those types, don’t we? It might be a neighbor who suggests that you not position the discharge side of your lawnmower toward the street and scatter grass clippings onto the roadway, claiming it’s not only an eyesore but hazardous to motorcyclists.

The same guy, who, in the fall of the year on a wet and cool day, doesn’t see the irony of him blowing leaves off his lawn onto the same road, creating a similar hazard not only for motorcyclists but also passenger cars that also have a dangerous tendency to skid on wet leaves.

Or maybe it’s the mother we all know who tells other mothers how to raise and best discipline their children as her own little Johnny sits out in the yard pulling off the wings of butterflies while at the same time wondering how he can hang the family dog without anyone noticing it.

As I said, we all know these individuals, and at one time or another we all have had our own personal experiences with them.

But I honestly believe one would have to search every crack and crevice within the entire universe to find individuals who religiously practice the Do as I say, Not as I do credo more or better than the climate crusaders and environmental advocates.

And by now we all know who at least some of these hypocrites are, right? I mean, how could we possibly not know them as well as we do the next-door neighbor?

They are the “Let them eat cake” types like Joe Biden, Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, et al., who seemingly believe the little guy should be eating Soylent Green wafers and living 30 people to a cargo container while they eat Filet Mignon and live in $100 million, fossil-fuel powered mansions.

The very phonies who go around like Chicken Little yelling the world is on the precipice of destruction because of out-of-control climate change, while at the same time adding insult to injury by blaming the impending doom on everyone else but them.

Just recently Joe Biden and other climate change calamity howlers attended the so-called COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss and ideally come up with viable solutions that could head off humanity’s impending doom, which we are told is chiefly is due to carbon emissions heating up the planet.

I’m not an expert, and therefore I couldn’t say how much carbon emission was released into the atmosphere by the reported 400 private jets used just to get some of our summit attendees to Glasgow, let alone the amount emitted by multi-car motorcades it took to get them from the airport to the meeting venue.

But a good educated guess would suggest tons of it just in the initial stages of the summit, on top of the tons more emitted during all of the back and forth traveling that no doubt took place in the two-week interim.

Then I read about Mr. Soylent Green himself, Bill Gates, recently celebrating his 66th birthday on a super yacht off the coast of Turkey. Amazon founder and “fellow climate activist” Jeff Bezos attended, of course, via a helicopter on which a 120-mile round trip was required to get him from the resort he was at to the super yacht and back again.

According to the article, the fuel used in the helicopter alone emits more than 21 pounds of carbon dioxide per every gallon burned. Gates’ yacht on the other hand, which reportedly cost 1.8 million pounds sterling ($2.3 million) per week to rent, allegedly emits 19 tons of carbon dioxide during one day’s use.

Remember, these are the same people who are asking the rest of us peons to immediately convert to solar powered homes and electric automobiles and be willing to freeze to death or use bicycles or walk when we can’t.

The same Marie Antoinette types demanding that we be perfectly appeased with a crumb or two of cake and be glad we got it, all the while themselves getting a pass to live in as much luxury and with as much reckless abandon as they always have.

All this reminds me of another axiom you also might have heard about: “What goes around eventually comes around.”

Speaking of one of history’s most infamous queens, just a few centuries ago this French highbrow found out the hard way just how altogether this maxim, one way or the other, seems to have an uncanny way of always fulfilling itself.

Just a personal observation, of course, but I’d say the self-anointed elite in today’s world might do well to take special note of that time and that event while they still have heads to take special note of anything.

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