If you spend any time at all in front of a television, you’ve no doubt at one time or another seen one of those animal activist group ads asking for money to help with the rescue and aid of desperately mistreated and abandoned animals.

Of course these groups pull out all the stops when it comes to the kinds of tactics they use to grab the viewer’s attention and draw him/her in.

They smartly and successfully use everything from poignant background music to numerous close-up shots of frightened, shivering, and starving dogs and cats living in deplorable conditions that would melt even the most hardened heart.

As well as they should because, showing a playful, well fed, well cared for, seemingly well-satisfied puppy happily bounding across a plush green back yard, well, just wouldn’t have the same emotional impact.

I must admit, these ads leave a large lump in my throat each time I see a puppy or kitten that has been left to die in deplorable conditions, and it’s the same no matter if it’s a puppy and kitten I’ve never seen previously or the same ones I’ve seen in the same ads many times before.

How could you not be moved and motivated and not want to do something, particularly when lifting softly in the background in a very heart-tugging manner is Sara McLachlan singing, “In the arms of an angel?”

And that brings me to the following long-winded diatribe.

Almost from the moment that we humans made our debut in the world and began populating the planet with fellow humans, beginning with Cain, certain of us have been spending a great deal of time and effort maiming, killing, and engaging in the kinds of behavior that should not be coming at the hands of those created in God’s image.

Naturally I’m not going to get into all the diverse kinds of depravity that we, the supposed compassionate and intelligent of all life visit upon ourselves, have been commonly practicing and visiting upon ourselves since planet Earth was formed and first inhabited by us, but I AM going to delve into something that I personally would put close to the top of the list as having been the most contemptible.

Considering how I began this, if you’ve already guessed that this would be the neglect, the abuse, the indiscriminate killing, the sheer indifference far too many of us continue to demonstrate toward each and every other creature that God likewise placed on this planet and entrusted to our care—animals—you’ve guessed correctly.

More specifically, those totally helpless and dependent creatures like cats and dogs that every day of their existence look to us, the human, for their needs, care, and return loyalty and unconditional love, but all too often receive our apathy, contempt, and cruel mistreatment in return.

I think with our past being what it undeniably is, and God knows a great deal of that past falls well short of, say, admirable, benevolent, and just plain decent in a general sense, much of humanity can often engage itself in some of the most despicable behaviors that likely Satan himself even on his best day couldn’t have thought of and devised for us to do.

Again, God knows humans are capable of and frequently have been betrothed to just about every form of sin under Heaven since time immemorial.

And seemingly no matter how vile any of these free spirited transgressions has been throughout the ages since first appearing on this planet, we, supposedly the most intelligent, the most benign, the most cognizant, and the most compassionate of all life throughout the entire universe, have historically found that far too many of us are anything but.

Not long ago I interviewed a local teenager who was among several young women who hold titles from a Williamson production company’s recently launched “Appointed Title Pageant.”

Aside from being a pageant titleholder and being afforded many other advantages and opportunities that come with the position, it additionally gives young women a platform on which to become an advocate, a voice, for causes closest to their hearts.

This particular teen’s heartfelt cause was, you guessed it again, to bring about more awareness for the neglect and abuse of animals.

“We see it everywhere, every day, and I just think it’s important to call people out who abuse animals,” she said unpretentiously yet convincingly.

I agree, young lady, and I couldn’t put it more simply or directly even if I sat staring at this computer screen from now until Judgment Day.

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