We’ve plowed this ground before. And, to be quite honest about it, with the state of the world being what it pitifully is chances are good it won’t be long before we hitch up the mule and put him out in the field turning this otherwise worn-out sod again.

The skinny of it is this: Seemingly we have a lot of folks these days who get offended over just about anything and everything, particularly when what is said or done goes against something they believe or have been conditioned to believe by someone else.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how widespread all this has become. For instance, it has become so much a part of our lives that on many of today’s college campuses there are so-called “safe spaces” for students who get wounded to the very depths of their souls by what they perceive to be the offending words or actions of others who don’t quite see things the same way or in the same light as they do.

Not only do these apparently egg-shell-fragile youth have safe spaces/rooms from which they can escape offending words and actions of others, but many of these areas are supplied with emotion-soothing paraphernalia like coloring books and Legos.

So, you might ask what else is new and where is all this going? Well, just this.

But before I get into it I have to tell you up front, I’m really, really, really disinclined to share this with you.

Quite honestly, it’s not the kind of subject matter one talks about, or, in this case, writes about, in mixed company. But because it has a lot to do with the above, and because I’m feeling just a little impish at the time of this writing, I ultimately concluded I’d just use a harmless euphemism whenever appropriate and go ahead and get into it in spite of my better angel telling me not to touch it with a proverbial 10 ft. pole.

To be honest, I thought I had heard the very limit of all this political correctness mindset, of people getting offended over every little thing. I really did. But I have to admit, if the following is true, and with things being what they are today I really have no reason to believe it is not true, well, frankly it’ll have taken the entire biscuit for me.

According the News Corp Australia, it seems an Australian man believed himself grievously injured, more specifically, bullied, because his boss allegedly had this nonconforming habit of continuously passing gas in his, the injured man’s, presence.

This guy said he was so gravely injured, in fact, that he ostensibly sued his boss for $1.8 million for nothing more than “lifting his bum” (butt to us) and passing gas whenever and wherever the urge hit him.

For instance the man claimed in court that his boss would come into the room in which he and his co-workers were working, multiple times during the day, and “let loose.” The man went on to point out that the room in which he and his co-workers were assigned to work was small and without a

single window that they could use for ventilation.

The man additionally claimed his boss’s constant flatulence problem caused him “severe stress.” There was no explanation as to why the sudden and deliberate gas attacks launched by the boss didn’t have the same detrimental effect on his co-workers, and there was no mention in the article that this may have had a major bearing on the judge’s decision.

But ultimately the judge in the case apparently didn’t regard the situation with quite the same “air” of urgency as the plaintiff, particularly after she heard the boss’s claim that he was not doing what he was doing just to harass and ultimately upset his underling.

As a result, the judge threw out the lawsuit, citing that passing gas by anyone isn’t necessarily a spiteful and/or bullying act.

Disagreeing with the judge’s ruling, the “injured” man claimed he didn’t get a fair trial and appealed the case to another judge. Unfortunately for him, the appellate judge agreed with the first judge’s ruling and likewise threw out the case.

In spite of this story bordering on sheer ridiculousness, I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for this guy. No really.

Here we have a man and his co-workers apparently doing their best to fulfill their obligations to the company and their boss, for whatever reasoning, keeps coming into the room and passing gas in their presence.

If I owned this company I think the very least I would do for these workers—particularly this man—is provide a safe space: a sanguine area where anyone and everyone could go to gather their thoughts and calm their constitutions whenever this guy came in and unloaded on them.

No, wait. That wouldn’t work at all, would it? Our gassy, inconsiderate boss would just follow them there and, well, cause a “big stink” all over again.

Yeah, you’re right. That last line was a very distasteful pun on my part. But the truth is, I just couldn’t resist the temptation.

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