In accordance with last week’s issue of the Mingo Messenger that released the WVSSAC’s two phase plan to restart sports.

Phase one is already underway for some counties starting June 8, 2020.

On Thursday the WVSSAC posted the start dates for phase two of the restart plan and the guidelines that will need to be enforced during to their official twitter page.

Phase II (Week’s 3 and 4)

Conditioning, Strength, and Agility (Recommended Date- June 22- July 3)

• Students or adults who feel sick must stay home.

• Use of outdoor and indoor facilities will be permitted.

• Student groups or “pods” of 10 or less, but up to 25 students allowed in designated areas. Record names of students in each pod.

• Students stay in their “pod” through the duration of phase I and II.

• All participants and adults should maintain proper social distancing.

• Face masks/ coverings are recommended when appropriate and should be worn at all times (by both students and adults) except when participating in high intensity aerobic activity.

• Activities are to be limited to strength, conditioning, and agility. No sport specific activities or equipment allowed.

• Limit of two hours of activities per day per group or “pod”.

• Students should bring their own water bottles. No sharing of water bottles or personal items allowed.

• Disinfectants and hand sanitizers should be made available on site.

• Students and adults should practice frequent hand washing when in contact with others and equipment (Jump rope, weights, etc.)

• Any non-sport specific equipment used should be disinfected after each individual use.

• If a person shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19, anyone who has come in contact with that person must quarantine for 14 days.

• To the greatest extent possible, any indoor activities that can be preformed outdoors should be scheduled outdoors.

As more information is released it will be posted in the coming editions of the Mingo Messanger.

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